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Over 5,000 Underprivileged School Children Will Receive Christmas Gifts Thanks to Non-Profit

December 21, 2019

Did you know that in the United States alone, 39.7 million people, or 12.3% of the population, are living in poverty? It’s true. Although the United States is considered a highly developed country and has the world’s largest economy based on GDP, millions of Americans struggle to afford Christmas presents each year for their family.

That’s where Christmas in the Classroom comes in. The Chino, CA-based non-profit organization has been collecting monetary donations since 2004 to provide holiday presents for needy children attending Title 1 schools in the Inland Empire.

The founder of Christmas in the Classroom was recently featured in a snippet on KTLA 5 for a brief interview where you can learn more about how the organization started and what its goals are.

Meet the Founder of Christmas in the Classroom

The founder, Maria Vazquez, may come from a small city, but she has a big heart.

Vazquez’s organization all started when her daughter, who’s an elementary teacher, told her that most of the students in her classroom would not be able to afford to celebrate Christmas. Thus, they wouldn’t have the luxury of receiving a present under the Christmas tree or goodies in their stocking.

In her interview with KTLA 5, Vazquez explains, “…I asked (my daughter) what the kids needed, and she says, ‘Mom, the children will take anything they don’t have. They don’t receive anything for Christmas,’ so we went ahead and bought gifts…”

However, Vazquez’s heart broke when other students from the school were upset that they, too, didn’t receive a gift. The sad scene encouraged Vazquez to work harder collecting donations, so she could help more children in need.

Initially, Christmas in the Classroom helped provide gifts for one classroom-worth of students, but thanks to generous donors, the organization is now able to accommodate close to 5,000-plus students from preschool through fifth grade from approximately six different schools.

Want to Help Make a Child’s Christmas Wishes Come True?

For 2019, Vazquez’s organization hopes to collect $25,000. They’re currently a little more than half-way towards their goal.

With money still to earn yet time still left before Christmas rolls around, Christmas in the Classroom kindly requests the continuation of monetary donations to make their 2019 goal.

Monetary donations can be provided via Christmas in the Classroom’s website. Or, they can be sent via money order or check to the address at the end of this article. The organization is also looking for volunteers.

“A hundred percent of the money that we collect goes to the children… Everything is donated through people who give their time and their money.”

By donating your time or cash, you can help make children, who would otherwise not receive a gift this year, very happy on Christmas day!

Contact Information:

Christmas in the Classroom
PO Box 1689
Chino, CA 91708-1689
(909) 374-4307